I Dodged A Bullet

Dodging bullets is not an easy thing to realistically achieve. However, I’ve carefully managed to dodge two of them already this miserable year. First with Mark, now with Ricardo. We both knew we undoubtedly had an up hill battle if we genuinely wanted to be together. We each admittedly had an obstacle, mine being emotional, and his being obligational. All it would merely take was one of us being unable to cope adequately with the other’s specific situation, and it would be over. Not surprisingly, he quit and gave up.

My First Boyfriend As My True Self

As my new life started taking shape, Nicholas would enter my world. He would turn out to be my first boyfriend as my authentic self, and I would be his first trans woman ever. Being each other’s firsts, I believe made the dysphoria go away, because once we saw each other face to face I was totally okay with being intimate with him