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Evanescing Emotions

Swirling Smoke with butterflies fluttering about on a black back ground. The smoke represents evanescing into thin air.
After a two day relentless flood of excessive emotions and pent-up feelings, I evanesced into a world of technology and optimization. The familiar sound of a voice which caused the wound on my heart to bleed yesterday, happened to be the same sound today that comforted me. Why did William . . .

Living Inside Hope

I will say this though, there are things on both sides that I agree with, and there are things on both sides I disagree with. By the end of our conversation I believe I helped a little, but I’m sure he will continue to stress and worry just because of the environment that he now lives in. One thing that made me very happy while chatting, is I learned that we both still believe in hope.

Karma The Stinker

I have to keep it short and to the point with him if I’m going to get better myself. It’s really hard being this way, but I’m on a mission to move on, and get over him so this is the new way I’m going to handle any future contact I have with him. If there’s something I can do to help, I will, if not, I’m going to go about my day. On a side note though I will say Karma is a stinker.