Winds Of Change

Hello and welcome to my online journal. ? This is the transfer page to Nadia’s Journal in my new corner of cyberspace.

The Winds of Change Have Blown

Like the winds of change, I moved my journal from to  The goal? To have more control over what my journal looked like.  Once I learned what the difference between the two, I was hooked.  The unpleasant side of being hooked is that with so much control and so many options it’s prevented me from writing.

Tiny blonde girl walking across a windy bridge hair looks like a helicopter.  The wind carries her away.

The pleasantries from having so many options are two-fold.  One, it forced me to study and learn.  Knowledge is Power, and that put a fire in me to go back to school.  Second, the time flew by and now I sit here two months later ok with not having to text him back if he texts me.  Which he did.  More about that soon.   

One of the coolest things I’ve learned is website security, well internet security. While surfing the internet learning all that I could I stumbled onto a cyber threat live map and it was shocking. When I found this map, it frightened me. What I stumbled upon was the United States and China having a cyber war. Each country, at a very rapid pace, were shooting various kinds of attacks at each other. You can find the map at

covid-19 hoax joke captioned enough already

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It’s the End of the World as We Know It

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