Winds Of Change

The Winds of Change Have Blown

Life sure has changed for me since November 9th, 2019. Along with all the shifts that has been going on in my personal life, there are vast transformations that are going on in everyone’s lives worldwide. The “sensational syndrome” or what the rest of the world cries the “coronavirus”, or “Covid-19”, has and will transform all our activities if we tolerate it. No misreading, this was just a trial, a dry run. An uncomplicated way to understand how the world will behave if they pass on what I’ll call Covid-20. A manufactured virus that would kill vibrant, healthy people. Because the evidence is, Sensational Syndrome, or Covid-19, targeted the sick with pre-existing conditions and the aged in higher volumes than it did us healthy individuals.

List of Things “Experts” Got Wrong About COVID-19

We break it down

Posted by Tipping Point on OAN on Thursday, 18 June 2020
Preach It Sister!

I have been saying it since the sheep ran to our local stores and fought over toilet paper here in America. None of the predicted numbers match what the professionals told us they would be. From the total number of us that would be infected, to the plumped up false death tolls. From the beginning I knew that this was something we were being lied to about by world leaders and professionals. It amazes me how so many people still blindly believe it, but those like myself who believe any different, they too probably are being censored on popular social media sites such as Twitter and Pinterest.

Without a doubt, whatever the reason is, I know there is a bigger scheme going on. One that we are being lied to about. A look over here, while we do this over here ploy always played by our government. I say enough already, you can keep your new trendy face masks.

covid-19 hoax joke captioned enough already
Like her Trendy Face Mask?

Blown Away By Options

With the winds, I moved my journal from to  The goal? To have more control over what my journal looked like.  Once I learned what the difference between the two, I was hooked.  The unpleasant side of being hooked is that with so much control and so many options it’s prevented me from writing.

Tiny blonde girl walking across a windy bridge hair looks like a helicopter.  The wind carries her away.

The pleasantries from having so many options are two-fold.  One, it forced me to study and learn.  Knowledge is Power, and that put a fire in me to go back to school.  Second, the time flew by and now I sit here two months later ok with not having to text Nicholas back if he texts me.  Which he did.  More about that soon.   

Another cool thing I’ve learned is website security, well internet security. While surfing the internet learning all that I could, I stumbled onto a cyber threat live map and it was shocking. When I found this map, it frightened me. What I stumbled upon was the United States and China having a cyber war. Each country, at a very rapid pace, were shooting various kinds of attacks at each other. You can find the map at

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Let The Winds Blow You This Way

With all these winds flowing, let them blow you this way.  Let them blast you into my unique corner of cyberspace where I communicate my emotions and points of view.  Sadly, one day you and I will no longer be granted this right if we do not stand up against the globalist. It seems their first goal is to separate us.  We all possess our own unique views, and the wonderful part about the country I love is that everybody can say those opinions, no matter what they are. The day will come where this will no longer be the case.  When a significant social media site will censor me who is a nobody, then they are editing God knows how many people. Just for considering conflicting views of which they hold.

I have always heard that opinions are like assholes.  How? Because we all of one.  You have your point of view and I have mine. 

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