Only For The Chance

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Have you ever known anyone who would do anything, I mean ANYTHING to hurt someone? No matter who they hurt in the process?

dr martin luther king jr quote lives end day become silent only for the chance post

Having not to think about and process my love life or the lack of is actually pretty easy. All I’ve had to do is stay focused learning the technical language of website building and the internet. Or wait for the universe to give me something to focus on. Tonight the universe was the one to be of a helping hand. 

When I woke up the first thing on my mind was my nephews and their mother Candy. My brother and Candy, now divorced, lost my nephews to the state of Arkansas about six months ago. At the time, they weren’t being responsible parents and the boys were put into foster care.Today was the court date for them to find out what was next, in the process of bringing the boys home. Once I was fully awake, I called Candy to find out what was said in court today.

After Candy told me what happened in court, I was a bit heated. Why is the state of Arkansas or the Department of Human/Children Services unprepared? This Department what ever it’s called near you, is nothing but legal human trafficking promoted by the local state. Whether you’re careless or someone evil calls to report you to watch you suffer, once the state gets their slimy hands on your children, they don’t want to let go. Why? The federal money the state receives for these children. “Tearing families apart and making dough” should be their rallying cry. To begin with they’ll take your children and not give a damn and OWN them immediately. Next, want you to do 20 backflips, and land one footed in a tulip glass. Only for the “CHANCE” you might get YOUR own kids back. In the end, another court date was set. The kidnappers demanded more time to figure out what to implement next since Candy satisfactorily completed all their ransom demands.

child protection services take babies not protect them only for the chance entry

After recording that, I feel nauseous. It severely weakens my heart because the youngest of the boys doesn’t think he will ever get to come home. He started saying to his mother over the phone that he thinks he’ll never get to come… At that time my oldest nephew promptly cut him off and reassured him that YES!! WE WILL be going home! Well darn it, that made me cry. 

How this happens frequently to me I’ll never know. When I sat down, the plan wasn’t to write about the human trafficking that goes on in our supposedly civilized country. My prime focus was initially on my degenerate brother and Candy’s sick in the head cousin Andrea. My self-centered brother didn’t even know about court today. He never thinks about the boys much less love them. It’s his fault completely that Candy was inadvertently put on the kidnappers radar. This is accurately is ALL HIS FAULT!! Which I’ll talk about tomorrow.

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