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What does the emotion of love feel like to you?

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My entire life I’ve been a firm believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason. Probably because I was taught that our life story was written by God before we were born. So, in my mind everything we do, or everyone we meet is not by chance.

As I stated yesterday, not having to deal with the nonsense of relationships has been pretty easy. All I’ve had to do is keep my mind mentally stimulated or let the universe drop something in my lap. Tonight the universe was there to help yet again. 

For some reason I came across paths with this beautiful soul. I read a poem that  he wrote, and I can’t even put into words how it made me feel. I’m not usually speechless but after reading the last words of this poem, I was frozen. Really, all it was is I just didn’t want the feeling that I had to go away. This feeling that I was experiencing was very familiar and I haven’t’ felt it in quite some time

Honestly, I’m still a little bumfuzzled. For some reason I still can’t get my thoughts to form correctly in sentences. My brain is telling my fingers to type this and my heart it directing them to type that. To prevent me from saying something foolish, I’m going to stop right here.

In the end this is what I was able to compose so I could thank him for opening up the floodgates of hope.


Lonely Author

Literally I just came from staring at the comment box on your post “i will love you” over on your blog. My every intention was to leave you a message to thank you for expanding my heart to allow hope to flourish again. After everything that has taken place in the past six months, as it relates to my love life, my hope was all but demolished.

The hope that I would ever experience the unique feeling of being loved again was dead and gone. Genuinely, I thought I’d never experience it again. Yet somehow the words you carefully composed in this poem wrapped around me like a thermal blanket of love. What it abundantly proved to me is, within my emotional core, love is still alive. friendship wraps itself around the heart like a warm blanket of care feature photo for all wrapped up

Sadly, I had to leave without submitting that comment. Once I was capable of moving and processed what was going on, I couldn’t gather the words to express my gratitude. In all sincerity, I’m still having a little bit of trouble. The fact that I have no idea who you realistically are astonishes me. You’ve made me feel alive again and gave me back the hope of love. With that being said, from the bottom of my heart, I want to THANK YOU!!

As I was leaving your blog, I couldn’t help but notice you were going through some possible health issues. Whatever it is, I’m going to be praying for you! Your soul is a beautiful one, and I know this because I can detect your presence. Whatever the issue is, have faith that you will come out on the other side healthier and happier.

Best Regards & Sweet Dreams

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