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Dreams are no stranger in my life lately, however the dream that woke me up this morning was one that set me on a good course of the day. Except for the inevitable amount of sleep that I can’t seem to escape. At four-thirty a.m. I woke up to a dream that my ex wanted fried potatoes and onions. Weird I know and what’s weirder is the fact that I got up out of bed and cooked exactly that. I made myself a pan full of fried potatoes, onions, and two sunny-side up eggs to smother the top with. As I’ve said before my kitchen was a spot in the house that I’ve had trouble going into much less cooking a meal. For some reason this morning was completely different. It was as though I took my kitchen back. There were no sad memories, no horrible feelings, it was great, and I once again enjoyed cooking. A bonus was that I had a wonderful aroma in my apartment for the remainder of the morning.

I ran around with my sister-in-law this morning. My sister’s ex boyfriend needed a ride to work, so we kindly accepted and gave him the ride. We picked him up at his hotel room, and took him to get some breakfast, then was off to take him to his job. It didn’t take long to do this, the town we live in is rather small it just sounds like a lot of running.

My brother is still locked up for his mental evaluation. The last I heard he was still talking crazy, thinking things that are so far-fetched it’s not funny. I don’t know what happened to him, but he’s not acting normal. I pray he gets better sooner than later, but with that said I want no dealings with him or want him anywhere near me. It sounds hateful but if you knew everything that this man has put me through you might understand.

So, that was my day, not a lot that happened. I was up from four-thirty a.m. and laid back down at ten a.m. I set an alarm to get back up, but yeah that didn’t happen I slept all the way through to the time my sister-in-law went to work. She works nights from nine p.m. till seven a.m., I’m thinking I’m adjusting to her sleep schedule, so I’m not awake during the day bothering her while she tries to sleep. She should be moving out soon, so maybe then I can get on a “normal” sleep schedule like most humans. If not, I’ll just keep rolling with what makes me comfortable.

Sweet Dreams,
Nadia Darlene Mazonis

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