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Today my blood pressure was through the roof because I was consumed with this coronavirus nonsense. I hate politics and politicians both democrats and republicans. I think they are all crooked and have an agenda that’s not for the people. My mind was taken over by this crap, and I totally forgot to go and pick up my title. I guess I’ll do it first thing Monday morning.

Nicholas messaged me at some point this morning, but I can’t remember when. I’d look it up on the phone if I hadn’t erased all of our messages when I got upset with him. I wanted to explain to him what I believe is going on with this virus scare. He was worried the night before, and I wanted to help to ease his mind. Well, when I asked to talk to him about it all he said was “you know I don’t like politics”, and that was it nothing more. This reminded me of when we were together. I used to talk about how I needed adult conversations with Nicholas in therapy, but never got them. I understand he’s eighteen years younger than me, but you’d think he would have just listened to what I had to say, then form his own opinion, and maybe go to gather some facts.

So, off to the gym he went as I sat at home angry and pissed. It was like I was picking up on something from him, and it was irritating me. Maybe, it was because I was agitated at this virus nonsense? Who knows, but I kept deleting our messages for some reason, and while it aggravated me, it also made me feel in control. We chatted before he went to work, during this conversation it seemed to be a bit better for me, but not really. I told him if he was lonely on his lunch break he could message me, and I’d keep him company. To my surprise he did, and for a split-second it felt like old times when we couldn’t wait for his lunch break to be able to talk to each other. What kicked me in the ass, and made the feeling go as fast as it came, is before he went back to work he told me that he was going to say good night now, because when he got home he was going to eat and then go to bed. Good night at five p.m.? He didn’t message me back either for the remainder of the night. I even sent him a nice picture to see if I’d get anything, and not surprised, I didn’t.

What pisses me off the most is, I know as he lays in bed before taking off his glasses for the night, he flips through his phone. Why, …… never mind I don’t care why, so I erased our messages for one last time tonight, and I was done with him. He was on my nerves, and at this point, I wanted nothing more to do with him until tomorrow when he messages me. That will be the test for me, will I keep my mouth shut, or let it rip with the questions I have for him? Part of me wants answers, and part of me doesn’t give a damn.

quote by abraham lincoln nearly all men can stand adversity but if you want to test a man's character, give him power

The rest of my journal entry might bore some, may piss off a few, I don’t know to be honest, but since this junk was affecting me all day today I’m going to give my opinion. I’ll say this before I go any further. I’m neither for the left or for the right. They both get under my skin equally, and if I’m honest the media is the worst of all three. Four years ago I stopped watching the news because it was affecting my mental health and emotional stability. So, now I’m my own reporter.

I absolutely hate politics, and politicians. Yes, I know that hate is a strong word, but it’s a perfectly suited word for how I feel about the way our country is ran, I loathe it. There are things on both sides that I agree with, and things I disagree with on both sides. It’s kinda like picking the lesser of the two evils. What really bites my ass is how both sides play dirty, and will pull unfathomable stunts just to win an election. Take for instance, the current coronavirus scare tactic. Why do I call it a “scare tactic”? Because, at the ridiculous amount of times the media has mentioned it.

covid-19 mentions in the media graph

The media is the propaganda wing of the Democrat party, and after the embarrassment over no Russia collusion, the Mueller report, and the non-existent quid pro quo Ukraine, they will do anything to bring down the Trump administration, even if they have to destroy your finances. Along with trying to mess with our finances, I truly believe this is a tactic intentionally put in place by the Democrats, and their cronies, the media, to scare the population from getting out and voting. It’s a dirty, pathetic, and right down nasty way to try to win this upcoming election. Here are some more statistics and facts for you to chew on.

ovid-19 disease deaths per day worldwide graph

The Seasonal flu, and sixteen other diseases kill more people each day than this coronavirus. Yet, it’s mentioned 1.1 billion times in the media? I smell something fishy, and dirty.

Here is yet another bit of facts which tell me this is a play by the media and democrats.

covid-19 fatality rate varies by country graph

This was updated last on March ninth 2020, I believe in the U.S. it’s now fifty-something fatalities. You can go to Johns Hopkins University website to check and see if they have this updated.

So, here yet again please explain to me why the over dramatization and intentionally scaring the population with talking about this virus 1.1 BILLION times? It’s out of this world crazy, and absurd. I smell something rotten, and my gut tells me they want people to be so scared that they don’t get out and vote.

When President Trump banned flights from China to protect us here in America on January thirtieth, the pathetic democrats called him xenophobic, and one congressman or woman, I can’t remember which, they called him racist against Asians. It truly scares me to think what Hillary Clinton would have done if she had won the election. Would she have banned flights to protect us? By the way her buddies are talking she better have not. There’s no telling, but I’m sure just like the democrats, the republicans would have had something nasty to say.

This super version of the coronavirus was developed in China somewhere. China informed the world on December twenty-ninth 2019, two months after the outbreak began in their country. There are some that say this was developed as a biological weapon, and I can see that being true. This could be a test run for something China plans to do in the future but this is just speculation at this point. Another thing that’s messed up is that China locked down their military to protect them before they protected their own citizens. I’m sure glad I live in the United States.

This coronavirus situation could be a lot of things. What I see is when China announced to the world about the outbreak in their country, our democratic party and their pocketed media buddies took off and ran with it. Their main goal was to scare our citizens for no reason other than to cause us financial problems, and get voter turnout for Trump to be low. It’s sad, but it doesn’t surprise me at all.

Sweet Dreams
Nadia Darlene Mazonis

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