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Finally! Instead of doom and gloom, I’m going to talk about something that is personally encouraging and positive. 

naida gets 1k followers on instagram for post  goals and 1k followers

I’ve allowed enough of the blown up statistics of a man made virus that is scouring the globe to consume my every thought. With these being both encouraging and positive, I believe this Journal entry is going to do me a lot of good. It wasn’t but a few days ago I wrote that my goals were all but frozen in time because of the unknown surrounded by this virus. Hardly recognizing it till yesterday, I have reached three of my goals that I had. Feeling overjoyed and extremely proud of myself, I’m going to record those reached goals now.

Nadia’s Journal was established on February 1st 2020. What started out as a hobby has swiftly turned into my life’s passion. When I realized how much I was getting from Journaling in a forum like this, I began setting modest goals for myself and my website. It’s presently April 4, 2020. Now I’m going to see if I achieved my goal of out performing the previous month by comparing February 2020 to March 2020.

February 2020  


The United States
South Africa

March 2020


The United States
Saudi Arabia

February most read Entry was FREEDOM Read a TOTAL of 5 
March most read Entry was BORN THIS WAY HEAVEN OR HELL Read a TOTAL OF 29

Clearly Marches growth over February’s numbers was by a considerable margin. If I can get the same growth rate in April over Marches numbers I’ll be one happy camper. Maintaining this trend isn’t going to be easy I wouldn’t guess, but I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and hope for the best.

When I started my Instagram account on December 16th, 2019, I vividly remember having only one follower and that was it. This was going to remain a gradual process in the beginning, a very slow one I might reckon. As the numbers began to climb, I set my initial goal at 500 followers. Exactly 3 months later from the day I started using Instagram on March 16th I made it to my first set goal. For some reason I thought that every 500 followers gained would take 3 months since the first 500 followers required that long to obtain. This would prove to be far from the truth. In an impressive 18 days on April 3, 2020, I would gain another 500 followers bringing my total up to my next established goal of 1,000 Followers. For many notable people this all might sound foolish or petty nonsense. And what I would voice to those notable people is Eat It! 

The third goal that I’m going to accomplish is right here. It will be this Journal entry named GOALS & 1K FOLLOWERS. The 50th official Journal entry into Nadia’s Journal. I remember sitting down to produce my initial Journal entry back on February 1st. Extremely nervous about what I was going to write and horrified that people were going to read my personal thoughts and raw emotions. Fifty entries later and I suffer from no nerves at all. Now when I sit down to carefully write I genuinely enjoy a profound sense of intended purpose, and up to this specific point I’d reasonably consider my creative passion a considerable success.

Sweet Dreams,

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