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I love waking up in a good mood, Out of bed at four a.m., laid back down and slept till eight a.m. When I woke up the second time I felt like I could rule the world and nothing was going to stand in my way. Right as I got myself pulled together and my brain started functioning I received a text from a friend who needed my assistance. For the past couple days I’ve actually been active, getting out of the house and being social. So, I hopped on the chance to get out of the house again today. I drove and picked him up at the hotel where he had spent the night and ran him around to do a few errands. After we were done running, we came back to my apartment to eat and what turned out to be hanging out all day and night up until nine-thirty p.m.

It’s funny how things happen, because if my friend had never messaged me, I would have been in the house all day talking to myself. My sister-in-law went to Arkansas when she got off work this morning, so she was gone. My sister and I aren’t talking so there wasn’t a chance she was going to pop by. It would have been a long lonely day, but instead my buddy was here with me, and we talked about EVERYTHING imaginable. I learned a lot about him that I didn’t know, and he got to learn more about me. After we talked each others ears off, it actually felt like a type of therapy. It was around nine-thirty p.m. when he was ready to go back to the shop where he works. I hate the situation he is in, it sucks, but things for him will get better soon, I have complete faith.

After I got home from dropping him off I was all alone, and my sister was on my brain. She has been right there in front of my mind the whole day. She still hasn’t come over or anything like that but, we are messaging one another so, I’ll take that and be happy. Speaking to each other is better than not. My nephew even came down to see if I would take him to work. Of course, I did, and maybe this whole overreacting nonsense is over. I need to start being aware of this behavior when I see it coming up, and put a stop to it. I can’t remember the time, but I also had a two hour conversation with my oldest sister. It was good talking to her, the conversation was pleasant, and she seemed in good spirits and doing well. I think once my sister-in-law gets her own place, I’ll invite my eldest sister over to hang out for a few days. Her life is pretty stressful and I think she’d enjoy the peace and quite that happens at my house.

Sweet Dreams,
Nadia Darlene Mazonis

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