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Corona, corona, coronavirus! Overwhelmingly, I’m just sick and tired of hearing about the coronavirus. Starting earlier this week, my hormone doctor appointment was canceled. Also earlier this week, my case manager who comes out to my house on Tuesday’s now hold’s our meetings over the phone. Then yesterday, there was my therapy session which too was held over the phone. As I said the other day in my journal, there is totally a difference in being told you can’t go anywhere, and staying home because your a home body. Before this craziness I never went anyplace and I was content with it. Now that we are being told to stay indoors due to this virus, I feel all cooped up. In no time at all, people will start to feel the effects of cabin fever. Yesterday when I was on the phone with my therapist, I asked her if she knew why this was the case. Without saying it directly she referred back to how we were as teenagers. Remember? Doing the opposite of what your told to do? What ever the reason it’s starting to get to me.  

There’s a shortage of pretty much everything that you need or want in stores. Toilet paper, thermometers, milk, you name it, it’s out of stock. Now people are out of work, like my sister Lou and my nephew. Not bringing in a paycheck is going to put a lot of extra stress on top of people along with everything else going on. This extra burden could possibly make people start acting in ways they normally wouldn’t act. Looting, vandalism and what I worry most about is home burglary. If it gets real bad, people may start to rob homes looking for food. What’s going to happen when peoples funds run out? With all their food and supplies depleted, I’m really trying not to worry about things I can not control, but it’s getting too hard to do. 

My question is are the scientist and doctors working together to come up with a vaccine or medication for this deadly contagious virus? Next, it would have to be, why is it taking so long? Tomorrow will be three months since China announced to the world they had an out break. Three months later and still no help from some of the smartest people in the world. To me this makes no sense, but what do I know. With the world on the verge of collapse and a terrible virus killing thousands on our planet, shouldn’t you guys be working around the clock across the globe?

what a year this week has been graphic

Below you will find the current world statistics and the United States statistics. These totals are from this morning at 12:00 a.m. 



Currently Infected Patients

464,751 (95%)
In Mild Condition

25,412 (5%)
Serious or Critical


Cases which included an outcome

141,953 (82%)

30,851 (18%)


Coronavirus Cases



say home crap on do the corona post in nadia's journal

Today I have had my first emotional roller coaster ride with Wolfie. This enormous mountain that we are trying to climb has many obstacles with sharp edges. When we were dealing with the situation, all I could do was think of the worst-case scenario. As always, I automatically think the worst and worry about everything. Usually things I can’t control. Eventually, the ride was over and my stomach settled, and we began our climb upward. Since Wolfie and I started talking, he has always been just a message away. Not being able to talk to him for the brief time that I couldn’t, I felt sick. With my insides feeling like jello I went on with my day. 

This afternoon when my sister Lou got back home with my car, she and I had a huge bow up. There was a communication breakdown, and Catina and I didn’t quite understand what she was asking for. When Lou got home from work, it was pouring down rain outside. She pulled into “MY” driveway and messaged Catina wanting us to drive her down to her house so she didn’t get wet. Cantina thought Lou wanted us to walk down to HER house to get the car. We thought she parked down there, so she wouldn’t have to walk from my house to hers and get wet. This sent me into a rage. I went off and said some nasty things because I was like, okay you don’t want to get wet but you’re sending us out in the rain to get my car that you borrowed? Thinking my car was down the drive Catina threw her shoes on to run down to retrieve my car. When she was running out the door, she noticed the car was right in its spot. Feeling horrible I admitted my mistake in Lou’s request I apologized. As you know, I positively hate being upset with my sister. It instantly makes me cry deep inside.

On to a pleasanter subject and one that’s a lot more exciting to me. Today was the most active day for my Journal Website. Visitors were reading more, and staying longer. When I founded my journal last month, I thought I enjoyed a decent run for the month. March however, has engulfed it by a considerable margin. In February, I had a grand total of 83 visitors with 170 views. Posting 20 Journal Entries. March at this point, with 3 days remaining is 368 visitors with 970 views, and 29 Journal entries. The number of likes also went up for March. In February I only had 11 likes total, and so far this month I have 23. I’m extremely astonished with the way this project has evolved. Journaling has come to be my choice thing to faithfully do. Not in a million years did I ever think I would even have one reasonable person who would be interested in my emotional journey or modest life.

This evening at some point the ex actually messaged. There was a destructive tornado in Jonesboro Arkansas, and he sincerely wanted to make sure I was okay. We messaged briefly then he disappeared. A little later I would get four pictures from him. He clearly was going through his old pictures. Not at all emotional, I naturally said “Those were the good ol’ days.”We didn’t say much after that and the following thing I discovered myself doing was deleting his text messages. I’m right at the pivotal point of intentionally restricting his mobile-phone number, but with this infectious virus I’m reluctant to do so.  

Sweet Dreams

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